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We have recently installed a top of the range equine water treadmill to both benefit the training and rehabilitation of our racehorses, as well as being available to hire by the public for the fitness and rehabilitation of a multitude of sports horses.


Crucially and what sets us apart from some other treadmills, we keep the water in a chiller, which means your horse will be walking in ‘cold water’ around 6 degrees, which has greater benefits for your horse. We operate an exceptionally clean facility with the considered priority for bio security and no contamination between clients.


Water is introduced gradually over a series of sessions which ensures the horse lifts their legs up to increase joint flexion and exaggerate the use of their muscles. 


The water treadmill can be used to:

  • Develop muscular strength

  • Strengthen back and abdominal muscles

  • Free the spine and shoulders 

  • Increase joint mobility

  • Increase range of motion

  • Improve straightness and balance 

  • Aid rehabilitation - All rehabilitation clients MUST have been referred by a vet or fully qualified medical practitioner.


The water treadmill can be used as part of your horse’s continual fitness plan or form a part of your rehabilitation programme post injury. Therapeutic benefits of cold water therapy also include reducing heat and inflammation in the lower legs, making it ideal for treating soft tissue injuries. The cold therapy brings rapid relief from pain, bruising, swelling and recent tissue damage as it decreases blood flow to reduce inflammation.

The time spent on the treadmill will vary depending on the reason for the horse’s visit. Fitness sessions are bespoke and tailored to your horse, depending on purpose and in line with advice from your vet or physio. 


Please contact Richenda for more info and bookings.